Bible Coloring Pages for Kids

Old Testament - Books Of the Bible Coloring Pictures and Pages


The Old Testament contains 39 books in total.  Stories from Adam and Eve to Noah's Ark can be found here.  These books are during the time period that God did amazing miracles.

Please feel free to print and duplicate these bible coloring pictures and pages as often as you like.

*Tips for Teachers-Be Creative*

Have children color each book of the Bible then make it into a book

Have them memorize the books of the Bible and award a certificate or prize

Have children write/draw a story from the specific book that impacted them the most

Print and have the children color the book of the bible you are teaching from that week

Learn the books of the bible song using the coloring sheets

Old Testament Bible Coloring Pages

 1-Genesis  14-2 Chronicles  27-Daniel
 2-Exodus  15-Ezra  28-Hosea
 3-Leviticus  16-Nehemiah  29-Joel
 4-Numbers  17-Esther  30-Amos
 5-Deuteronomy  18-Job  31-Obadiah
 6-Joshua  19-Psalms  32-Jonah
 7-Judges  20-Proverbs  33-Micah
 8-Ruth  21-Ecclesiastes  34-Nahum
 9-1 Samuel  22-Song of Solomon  35-Habakkuk
 10-2 Samuel  23-Isaiah  36-Zephaniah
 11-1 Kings  24-Jeremiah  37-Haggai
 12-2 Kings  25-Lamentations  38-Zechariah
 13-1 Chronicles  26-Ezekiel  39-Malachi