Bible Coloring Pages for Kids

New Testament - Books Of the Bible Coloring Pictures and Pages


There are 27 books in the New Testament.  All the stories in the New Testament are experiences while Jesus was on the Earth.  You can learn about the 12 disciples as well the Resurrection of Jesus in this part of the Bible.  These stories are full of hope and the amazing power Jesus had while doing God's will that your children will enjoy. 

Please feel free to print and duplicate these bible coloring pictures and pages for your church and Sunday School as often as you like.

*Tips for Teachers-Be Creative*

Have children color each book of the Bible then make it into a book

Have them memorize the books of the Bible and award a certificate or prize

Have children write/draw a story from the specific book that impacted them the most

Print and have the children color the book of the bible you are teaching from that week

Learn the books of the bible song using the coloring sheets


New Testament Bible Coloring Pages

 40-Matthew  49-Epeshians  58-Hebrews
 41-Mark  50-Philippians  59-James
 42-Luke  51-Colossians  60-1 Peter
 43-John  52-1 Thessalonians  61-2 Peter
 44-Acts  53-2 Thessalonians  62-1 John
 45-Romans  54-1 Timothy  63-2 John
 46-1 Corinthians  55-2 Timothy  64-3 John
 47-2 Corinthians  56-Titus  65-Jude
 48-Galatians  57-Philemon  66-Revelation